The PG Wrestling Retrospective

--- Lewis Arnold ---

The PG Wrestling Retrospective is an emotional and nostalgic journey through WWE's PG Era, with many classless jokes. Lewis and Jack aim to review every single WWE Pay-Per-View from this period that is arguably still ongoing. When will they stop? No one knows! Whilst many people panned this period, Jack and Lewis grew up with it and forged a love for all things Professional Wrestling. Will nostalgia hold up? Or will your humble hosts be forced to admit the flawed nature of the product of their childhood? Yeah, probably a bit of both.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Untitled Awards Episode - Episode 11

    Oh jeez Louise boys this one went a little bit off the rails. We discuss all of the Pay-Per-Views we have reviewed to date in a low budget Slammy Awards format. If you thought we went off topic before just wait till you hear this one. ...


  2. Wrestlemania 25 - Episode 10

    We talk about Wrestlemania 25 amongst other things, and what a Wrestlemania it was! JBL did a thing, apparently some guy name Shawn Mongo McMichaels had a 4.85 star match, and Triple H only won one championship! The PG Era is looking real jacked baby! Follow us on Twitter: @PGWrestlingPod ...


  3. No Way Out 2009 - Episode 9

    It’s time for a Gutwrench Powerbomb to your ears! We are back with a review of No Way Out 2009. This show featured two Elimination Chamber matches and a Seattle Farmer's Market! Follow us on Twitter: @PGWrestlingPod ...


  4. Royal Rumble 2009 - Episode 8

    After a brief sabbatical we drunkenly make our way through the 2009 edition of the Royal Rumble. The road to Wrestlemania 25 has begun, hell has frozen over, welcome to 2009! NOTE: This episode was recorded around 12 months ago so there's a couple of dated jokes in this, so first ...


  5. Mick Foley's 20 Years of Hell - An Unexpected Journey

    Mick Foley's 20 Year's of Hell recently premiered on the WWE Network, but beforehand Mick took his show around the world. This is just a small slice of audio from one we went to. This mini-episode features: * Frequent censorship * McDonald's * Beer * Lewis deciding to get Mick Foley's signature tattooed on his ...