The PG Wrestling Retrospective

--- Lewis Arnold ---

The PG Wrestling Retrospective is an emotional and nostalgic journey through WWE's PG Era, with many classless jokes. Lewis and Jack aim to review every single WWE Pay-Per-View from this period that is arguably still ongoing. When will they stop? No one knows! Whilst many people panned this period, Jack and Lewis grew up with it and forged a love for all things Professional Wrestling. Will nostalgia hold up? Or will your humble hosts be forced to admit the flawed nature of the product of their childhood? Yeah, probably a bit of both.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Summerslam 2008 - Episode 2

    We are back with a brand new track... or podcast. In episode 2 the boys meander through Summerslam 2008; a stacked card featuring Edge vs Undertaker, Triple H vs The Great Khali and of course the dream match for the ECW Championship: Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy. Featuring a wide variety ...


  2. The Great American Bash 2008 - Episode 1

    **The very first episode!** We take a look at the last WWE Pay-Per-View to have a TV 14 rating, as just two days later WWE programming went completely PG, thus signifying the start of the PG Era. The Great American Bash 2008 was most notable for the continuation of the ...


  3. Introduction & Childhood Memories - Episode 0

    We take a drive down memory lane in preparation for Episode 1. *The PG Wrestling Retrospective is a comedic chronological review of all WWE Pay-Per-Views and major events during the company's PG Era. Whilst many people panned this period of wrestling, Jack and Lewis grew up with it, and through ...